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Grade L


Newton Road, Lowton, Lowton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
Part of Group:
At Risk: No


Images by Caroline Heaven

Oaklands is a spacious Victorian villa which was built to reflect a time of prosperity and comfort. However, over 140 years later it is now derelict and awaiting demolition. Just 30 years ago Lowton's Newton Road contained several substantial historic houses which reflected the changing history of the area, unfortunately one-by-one these have all been lost. 2021 will likely be the last year that Oaklands.


Follow the link below to a fascinating and comprehensive history of the building, kindly provided by Thomas McGrath



The moto over the door EQUAM SERVARE MENTEM means To Preserve an Equal Mind

Bought by Primary Education in Dec 1945

Became a girl's school and then a boy's home

The famous Lemn Sissay was taken into care and lived here

Boys' home close early 1990s and bought by Wigan Council 1992 – used as  Council offices – closed in 2016

Caroline Heaven - March 2021