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Wigan Building Preservation Trust: Dedicated to Heritage Preservation


The Wigan Building Preservation Trust (WBPT) is a volunteer-driven charity, established to safeguard Wigan's heritage buildings, both listed and unlisted. The idea for the Trust emerged from a 2013 meeting with Wigan Council, addressing conservation concerns within the Borough.


The objective of the Trust is to create a comprehensive repository of Wigan's architectural heritage. This initiative includes a database of buildings and a website promoting Wigan's finest architecture, history, and heritage. Originally, the Save Wigan heritage group undertook this task, now continuing under the WBPT (Charity Number 1169253).

Current Progress

The WBPT collaborates with various groups sharing similar conservation goals. The Trust manages two main websites:

  1. Wigan Buildings Database: A comprehensive database of Wigan's heritage buildings.
  2. Wigan Local History: A site dedicated to heritage research, reporting on Trust projects and collaborative efforts.

The Trust also maintains a Facebook page, Heritage Buildings of Wigan, fostering community engagement and content contribution.

Projects Undertaken

Significant projects by the Trust include:

  • Retrieval and relocation of the Victorian Market Hall Canopy and Clock.
  • Condition report and renovation of Grade II* Plantation Gates.
  • Recovery and relocation of the Common Seal Stonework from the demolished Town Hall.
  • History and search for portraits of the Gidlow Sisters.
  • Assistance with the Grade II listed Queen's Hall Methodist Mission renovation project.
  • Hosting and contribution to the Heritage Action Zone project on the History of King Street.

Future Direction

The WBPT aims to enhance its collaboration with other local history and friends groups to populate the website with extensive historical, architectural, social, and family history information related to over 1,100 buildings. They are working through a list of 1,500 properties provided by a former Wigan Council conservation officer to update and include relevant entries.


Please contribute to our running costs & support work. The Wigan Building Preservation Trust is a local source of research and information on Buildings, Heritage and ‘At Risk’ structures in the Borough of Wigan. Thanks!

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