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Wigan Buildings aims to have a dedicated place for all of its Heritage buildings of interest, whether listed or unlisted.


An idea stemmed from a meeting with Wigan Council in 2013 addressing the heritage and conservation concerns within the Borough.

An idea was proposed that a central database of Wigan's listed and unlisted buildings should be formulated and thus this website was developed to identify and promote Wigan Borough's finest architecture, heritage & history.

Originally the work was undertaken by members of the Save Wigan heritage group, now Wigan Building Preservation Trust (Wigan BPT).

Current Progress

The Trust aligned itself with Wigan Local History & Heritage Society in 2019, although both groups continue to have their own identity and the BPT continues to administer and update the Society website.

It was felt that both groups have the same objectives and outcomes for all things of a heritage nature within the borough. 

The Building Preservation Trust maintain, populate and administer the website:-


Wigan Local History and Heritage Society meets on the second Monday of each month, with a local history-themed presentation starting at 7.15 pm in The Function Room at Real Crafty, Wigan  https://www.realcraftywigan.online/

Recent Changes

We have now included "Lost Building" as a Grade, for the inclusion of buildings that have disappeared for various reasons.

In addition, we have introduced a facebook page "Heritage Buildings of Wigan" - Link

Future Direction

It is hoped that further discussions and arrangements will be developed with other like-minded local friends groups and local history groups, etc, interested in populating the website with historical, architectural, social, and family history associated with each of the 1,100+ buildings.

The Trust has received a list of 1500 properties compiled by a previous Wigan Council conservation officer. The list is probably 30+ years old.  We will work through this list and select buildings for entry.

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