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  • Powell Monument
Grade II

Powell Monument

Mesnes Park, Wigan

Listed Date: 08/12/1999
Part of Group: Yes 4 Oth
At Risk: No
Historic England Ref: 271 (Link)


Monumental statue. Commemorates Sir Francis Sharp Powell, M.P. for Wigan; dated 1910 on front plaque; slightly altered. Sculptor EG Gillick.


Life of Sir Francis Sharp Powell written by his nephew Henry L. P. Hulbert Link


Presentation by Dr. Richard Powell on Sharp Powell Link


Some more information:




Erected 1910. Grade II Listed. Also appears in the Public Monuments & Sculpture Association’s National Recording Project.

Sir Francis Sharp Powell (1827 – 1911) was a Wiganer who served his town as Conservative MP for two periods from 1857-9 and 1885-1910.  Powell was well known for his philanthropic activities, particularly with regards to education and housing, and was given the freedom of the Borough in 1895. Powell was present at the statue’s unveiling in 1910 (see picture) where the then-current Mayor of Wigan, James O’Donahue told the crowd that this was only the second statue in Britain to be erected to a living man and that he hoped the statue would inspire future generations to continue Powell’s legacy of public duties.

Ian Bright - Architect