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  • Wigan Brewery
Grade L

Wigan Brewery

Corner of Chapel Lane & King Street, Wigan, Wigan

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


The brewery was founded in the 1780's.

1791 Thomas Higson owned the brewery and subsequently sold the brewery to George Bainbridge & Co.

1792 Auction

In 1814, Henry Robinson having previously been at the adjacent Brewers Arms took control of the brewery in partnership with the Bevan family. The partnership with the Bevan family was dissolved and Henry became the sole owner,

In 1839 the premises and equipment were leased to Thomas Morris until his death in 1871, the business was continued by his sons. The Morris family continued to grow the business with the acquisition of public houses.

In the 1890's legal action was started against the owner, Ellen Ann Robinson Morris, a spinster, involving lunacy as she had been committed to an asylum. The result was on 24th September 1894 an auction of the business took place at the Wigan Public Hall.

Included in the auction were the brewery, 86 public houses, and an extensive wine and spirit store located in Rodney Street under the name of Henry Robinson & Co. The assets at the auction were to be sold as one lot. 

Magee, Marshall & Co bought the business for £150,000. (£14m today).

Link to 1894 Auction prospectus

The 1894 Auction prospectus containing lots of information, also details of the Brewers Arms, Shakespeare Inn, Minorca Hotel, and the Henry Robinson Wine & Spirit Stores in Rodney Street.

Part of the King Street "Lost Buildings" project - Link