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  • The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel
  • The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel
  • The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel
  • The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel
  • The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel
Grade II

The Berkeley Public House-formerly Minorca Hotel

27 Wallgate, Wigan

Listed Date: 11/07/1983
Part of Group: Yes 2 Oth
At Risk: No


The Historic England Listing has a date of c1820.

There is evidence that a Thomas Martin, had a house, farm, and malt kiln on the site in 1762.

Also, a building called the Minorca or referred to locally as "Willam Roper's" was in existence in 1790, previously referred to as Thorntons.

Reputably, the Minorca was named after the Balearic Island, now Menorca, lost in battle by Admiral Byng and he was subsequently shot on his own quarterdeck.

The first reference is of an advert for the return of William's "Lost" dog Pluto, with a reward.

The Minorca was used extensively in the 1790's and early 1800's for various land and building auctions, in addition to public meetings in respect of declared bankrupts.

In November 1805 William died of consumption.


1806-1807 - Mrs. Billinge

1809 - John Croudson

1816 - John Walls

1818 - Ellen Green, married Nicholas Cowell in 1819

1825 - Nicholas Cowell

1828 - Peter Aspinwall

The Minora was in the possession of the Wigan Brewery Company by 1843.

1854 - John Chadwick

The building was altered in 1857 to the designs of Alfred Waterhouse, the eminent Victorian architect.

1858-1869 - John Hesketh was the tenant with a large outside catering business for organisations in various locations around the town and surrounding areas.

In 1857, George Cox opened his Livery Stable. However, this was a short-lived venture, with the closing of the business in 1859, with 4 Horses, 3 Cabs, 2 Drags, 1 Gig, plus clothing, head collars, etc offered for sale.

In 1894, the whole estate of the Wigan Brewery was offered for auction of one lot, including the Minorca, comprising of the brewery, 86 public houses, and the extensive Wine & Spirit Store in Rodney Street trading under Henry Robinson & Co.

The auction was the result of a court case involving the owner, Ellen Ann Robinson Morris, a spinster, lunacy claim having been committed to an asylum.

Link to the 1894 Auction catalogue

The auction lot was bought by Magee Marshall & Co for £150,000. (£14m today). The stables and other buildings were not included in the sale, there were also right-of-way restrictions with adjoining properties although access to ashpit in the yard was included.

At the time of the sale Jane Kenny was the tenant/landlady.

Thomas Wall, the founder of the Wigan Observer in1853, was the first tenant in 1845 of the premises known as Minorca Buildings, the only tenant until the property was purchased by the brewing company Messrs Magee Marshall. This may have prompted the alterations by Alfred Waterhouse in 1857.

Magee, Marshall & Co.Ltd was taken over by Greenall Whitley & Co.Ltd, of Warrington in 1958.

The Berni Inns company took over the building in 1968 and undertook an extensive redesign of the property, comprising two restaurants, four bars, plus a bier keller.

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