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  • Golden Lion Hotel
  • Golden Lion Hotel
Grade U

Golden Lion Hotel

40 Gerard Street, Ashton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


Built 1905 for Oldfield Brewery Co.

From The Wigan Observer & District Advertiser, 14.3.1890:

“[Ashton Local Board] HIGHWAY AND SANITARY COMMITTEE. A meeting of this committee was held on March 3rd... Market: The Surveyor reported that Messrs Greenall had agreed to pay their portion for paving the passage from Gerard-street to the market, and the work would be proceeded with immediately.”

From The Wigan Observer & District Advertiser, 25.8.1900:

“[Ashton Urban District Council] Highway and Sanitary Committee. This committee met on August 13th... A letter from the Oldfield Brewery was read pointing out that the condition of the passage near the Golden Lion is due to rubbish from the market being deposited in the ashpit at the rear of the hotel. It was unanimously resolved that the clerk write to the company and ask them to put a gate at the entrance of the passage to keep it private.”

Information provided by the Makerfield Rambler

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