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Grade U


Wigan Lane, Wigan

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: Yes


c1890 - Architect - George Heaton.


The building was completed in late 1890 for William Woods, a veterinary surgeon. Unfortunately, William died in late January 1891 and wasn't able to enjoy the benefits of his magnificent house.

William came from a long line of veterinary surgeons in Wigan, his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all practiced in Wigan.

He took an active interest in the town being Churchwarden at St. George's Church and a Trustee of the Wigan Mechanics Institute, the forerunner to the Wigan Mining & Technical College.

The funeral was arranged by Mr. Pendlebury of Crawford House.


Current Situation

Over the years the building has been the subject of several previous planning applications.

The current application being considered:

Conversion of and external alterations to existing building and erection of new four storey building to create a total of 36 apartments following part demolition of existing building together with new access, parking and landscaping.


Video of Brentwood by Miick Byrne

The video was taken in 2011