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  • Pemberton Railway Station
  • Pemberton Railway Station
Grade L

Pemberton Railway Station

Billinge Road, Pemberton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


Pemberton Railway Station, built c.1848, opposite the south end of Enfield Street, was on the Bury to Liverpool line. The photograph shows the waiting room, the booking office, the iron bridge above the tracks and the Billinge Road stone bridge. Gordon was the ticket master and ticket collector. The clock in the booking office was taken to the Science Museum in London in 1979. The station was demolished in June 1980. 

The station was the start and end of our day-trip holidays to New Brighton and Windermere. The steam engines belched smoke and if you hung your head out of the window you choked, especially going through the Upholland tunnel.

Derek Winstanley 2021