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  • Wigan Dispensary
Grade L

Wigan Dispensary

King St, Wigan, Wigan

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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The Wigan Dispensary was established in 1798. Its aim was to provide some charitable medical assistance to the very poor of the town. It was financed by donations, church collections, bequests and annual subscriptions. From 1801 it had a building in King Street.

In 1873 it amalgamated with Wigan Infirmary, which opened in that year.

The building was sold in 1876 but maintained a presence in King Street by taking out a lease on rooms in Leader's Building, due to a donation of £1,000 from Miss Amelia Gidlow.

A History of the Wigan Dispensary (1824-18730 by Chris Heaven Link

A Bizarre Case - one of the more stranger cases treated at the Dispensary. Link

On this site the Savings Bank was built, now a Solicitors. Link 


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