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Grade U

Bryn Hall Cottages

Bryn Gates Lane, Bamfurlong, WN2 5JY, Ashton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
Part of Group:
At Risk: No


“These cottages were referred to as “Barn Houses”. They were reserved for the managers, under-managers and foremen. At number 1 were Jim Daniels and family. Jim was the under-manager at No. 2 pit before taking over as manager at Landgate.

I used to go to their house regularly. He had a motor bike which we used to "borrow" and have lots of fun. Next door was Tom Collier, Foreman Electrician. He had two daughters, Hilda and Sheila. Then George Melling, Foreman Fitter. He was followed in that job by James Bethel whose father built the square chimney at the pit. Then Harry Hurst, Foreman Joiner plus other duties. Lastly, George Lowe, Foreman Blacksmith. His son Arthur was a fitter.

Bryn Hall was the home of Robert (Bob) Daniels, pit manager and brother of Jim”.

[Norman Prior, Bryn Hall Colliery fitter 1933-9, via Reproduced here with his kind permission.]

The photograph was taken on 14 August 2020.

Makerfield Rambler

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