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Park Lane Farm

Park Lane, WN1 1AA, Ashton

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1689 - Presbiterian parsons and theyr meeting places:-

John Walker - John Hasleden's barne in Park Lane, in Ashton-in-Makersfield

[From The Manuscripts of Lord Kenyon, Commission on Historical MS, 14th Report, Appendix p1 IV, HMSO 1894]

The Toleration Act of 1689 required Protestant dissenting congregations to register their meeting places with the Clerk of the Peace or with the appropriate Bishop or Archdeacon.

Evidently John Hasleden was an ardent supporter of the Prebyterian cause, as his “house in Ashton in Makersfield” was also registered under the Act as a meeting place for the hearers of dissenting minister William Birchall. He is probably the same John Hasleden who, with his brother William, conveyed to trustees John Green and Thomas Ashton the land on which the present Park Lane Chapel is built:

“From John Hasleden of Ashton, drover, and William Hasleden, yeoman, his brother, to John Green of Wigan, gent, and Thomas Ashton of Ashton, yeoman, of 16 falls of ground at the east end of a close called 'longley' in Ashton, with the buildings erected thereon”.[4 February 1697/8, Wigan Archives ref. D/NU 1 /4/58]

Rev George Fox writes in his “History of Park Lane Chapel” (Rawson & Co, 1897):

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