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Grade U

Reheboth Chapel

Wardley Street, WN5 8BU, Pemberton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


Image and text by Pam Thomas.

This church started when a group under Robert Henry Widdows left St John’s CE Pemberton after a disagreement with the vicar Arthur Coates. 

They built a temporary building about 1864.  The  Demise of a Plot of Land for  Leasehold from the Duke of Bridgewater’s estate is dated 5th September 1864 and the first mention in the local press is of a Tea Meeting on October 21st the same year.  Unfortunately most of the church records have been lost and so information is sparse. 

In 1913 the present building was erected next to the original building.  Electricity was installed in 1927.  Sometime in the 1960’s the original building was demolished. During the 1990’s the pews were replaced by chairs.

In 2018 the church merged with Jireh Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Orrell.  As neither building is adequate for current needs changes will be made at the Rehoboth site in the future.

Pam Thomas 2022


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