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  • 118 Standishgate
  • 118 Standishgate
Grade L

118 Standishgate

118 Standishgate, Wigan

Listed Date: 11/07/1983
Part of Group: No
At Risk: Yes
Historic England Ref: 297


Town House - was a Grade 2 listed building.

.Unforunately, now demolished due to collapse, in spite of several warnings!


Video of the building - by Mick Byrne


Copy of a survey to Wigan Council

No. 118 Standishgate –

Viewed from opposite, the left chimney stack sloping noticeably to the right and may be an early indicator of structural instability, since the appearance of the building directly below is a cause for serious concern. The gable end has bowed outwards at a height of 4 metres to approximately 45 centimetres. A crack in the brickwork runs from floor level up to a window in the gable end. Given the daily vehicular access to Acton Garage at the rear along the cobbled alley, there must be a reasonable probability of constant vibrations effecting more building damage with a possibility of catastrophic collapse! Due to the proximity of this building to St Mary’s and St John’s Primary School and the heavy traffic flow in front of and around the structure, in order to avoid any fatalities through building collapse, it is strongly recommended that Wigan Council investigate the structural integrity of this Grade 2 Listed building and preferably enforce works to support the building as a matter of great urgency!

There is evidence of the stonework eroding on the front of the building just above floor level and moss/grass growth at gutter level which may cause brickwork damage. At the rear there are window apertures open and large flocks of pigeons nesting internally.

Survey as at 27/12/2011.