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  • Bryn Hall Hotel
Grade U

Bryn Hall Hotel

612 Lily Lane, Bamfurlong, Ashton

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


The date-stone “AD 1877” on the front of the building corresponds with the submission by Mr Adam Green to the Ashton Local Board of plans for a “new public house at Bryn Gates, Lily-lane”  in February 1877. 

 A return submitted to Wigan Licensing Division in the 19th century states that The Brynn Hall Inn could accommodate up to 30 diners and 1 horse, with 4 beds available for overnight guests.

Assisted by her children, Fanny Lloyd continued as licensee following the death of her husband, William Arthur Lloyd, in the early 1920s.

Recollections by Norman Prior, Croft Cottages resident from 1919 and Brynn Hall Colliery fitter 1933-9:-

The Bryn Gates fishing club was based at Bryn Hall Hotel (Lloyds)*, of which my dad was the leader. Fishing sweeps were held there on Sunday mornings. An assortment of prizes mostly supplied by locals such as Co-op butchers was on offer. They would supply a cow's heart or cow's head. Sounds a bit weird now but, cleaned and boiled etc, [such items were] a welcome addition to the diet. On Monday evenings my dad would do some fishing there, [he] always caught plenty. I or one of my brothers would meet him later, take the fish and fishing tackle home while he went on his way for a jar or two at Lloyds pub. We would clean and cook some of the fish for supper... There was another large pond at the other side of the pit near Croft Cottages into which water from down the pit was pumped and that too was used in the boilers.”

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