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Grade U

Royal Hotel

172 - 174 Manchester Road,, Ince

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
Part of Group:
At Risk: No


Built in 1868

2021 - Planning permission to convert to 6 flats, now undergoing refurbishment.

Some History Snippets

Built for Isaac Wilson Lawrence, a local brewery owner. It is quite probable that the brewery was at the rear of the building.

The first landlord was Charles Ainscough, shortly after becoming the landlord he was prosecuted and fined for cruelty to a horse.

The building during its lifetime was used for many functions enjoyed by the people of Ince.

1895 - A knife and fork tea was supplied by the landlord, Mr. Bishop, for the Ince Burial Society, upwards of 100 sat down.

In 1901, landlord Thomas Barton was declared bankrupt and the license transferred to Frederick Wilson Lawrence, the owner's son.

1903 - The Carters of Ince Council enjoyed a hot-pot supper provided by John Clarke, landlord, for the presentation of a prize won at Lifeboat Saturday for the neatest and cleanest horses and harness.


In the 1970's became the warehouse for John Robinson Antiques.