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  • Lowton House Farm
  • Lowton House Farm
  • Lowton House Farm
  • Lowton House Farm
Grade U

Lowton House Farm

496, Newton Road, Lowton, Golborne

Listed Date: 00/00/0000
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At Risk: No


“Lowton House Farm was rescued from a state of near-dereliction by Herbert Worsley following purchased by his father in April 1944 from the estate of former owner James Glover.

As he explained in his book “Family Furrows” (1986): “The house is very old and was once part of the Byrom estate, the deeds of which go back to around 1700 but on one of the indentures there is mention of 1685. In the early 1700s the Houghtons bought and owned it, through Mr James Glover who married into the family, until 1944.

The buildings are not as old, the shed at the back we erected in the 1950s and the big barn perhaps was built in the 1850s but the stable and loose box were only built in the 1890s... The beams are from the old barn and probably also are the spars and stone roof... The gate and gate posts are of historical value and interest.

About 1860-70 when the toll gates were no longer needed Mr Houghton bought 4 gate posts and two gates, along with a wicket gate and erected them – one at Holly House and one for [Lowton House] Farm. The posts are very substantial and are rag bolted to a foundation block of hard sandstone of almost a cubic yard; a fact we know having widened the gateway on two occasions.

The gate is almost buried in the ivy and fairly well preserved and it is due to the forethought of Mr Houghton that we have these reminders of the village's past history...

The two rooms on the right [north side] were once the old cottage and the only access to the bedroom was by a ladder through a hole in the ceiling. It had not been occupied since the turn of the century and in 1936 was added to the farmhouse.””